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  • Re: Peck-Polymers Andreason BA-4B Build
    Peanut biplanes are always cute Grin Your BA-4B looks very good and the flight times are also quite nice. I would like to see all my peanuts to fly that long... Roll Eyes
    Thanks for the details information about your settings. It's always very interesting to c...

  • Re: Big Cub!
    Dan, very nice Piper.
    She seems to be a great flyer. Also good to see that she is not yellow as 99% of al Cubs...
    Do you build "only" CO2 models or do you have also some rubber power models in your fleet?


  • Re: Graupner Me 323
    Yagua, muchas gracias



  • Re: walt moony puns/jokes : which is your favorite ?
    The old perffessor was quite a card. At least in his peanut articles/plans. He was a regular in Model Builder.

    My favorite goes something like this, in regards to his peanut Fokker Dr1 prototype, "The difference between airplanes and helicopters is tha...

  • Re: Alfreton Leisure Centre indoor meeting
    I have uploaded the video I took of Dan's SE5a .... I like to get up closer at these more informal events ... hopefully not annoyingly close?!