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  • Re: WW I Cook Up
    dputt, I have to be beaten with a cane to do a simple N-cabane strut system on a biplane. You have taken it to a whole new level. That represents a lot of work and very well done indeed.

  • Re: Motor Pegs
    Hey TW,

    Here is a picture of a pretty standard setup on a motor peg. Aluminum tube with sliced fuel line to retain as Tom described. Some folks flare or glue a ring of one size up aluminum tubing to secure one end.

    I was using the thin ply reinforcemen...

  • Re: 3D Printed Prop Form
    There is not much new in indoor.  See the picture of similar prop blocks at:

  • Re: First airplane - Guillow's Grumman F6F Hellcat
    Good afternoon!

    I was reading this plastic front piece will not be good and needed replacement with wood alternative but i will using it. my aircraft will not fly anyways.
    Gluing is pleasure was had to work on removing excess wood a lot. result is sho...

  • Re: WW I Cook Up
      I've got the float struts done, faired with balsa then wrapped with tissue and doped. Cant attach them yet as I have to detail and paint the floats and cover the undersurfaces of the wing first. I think I'll do some detail work next, float struts are...