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  • Re: Advice for newcomer to ff scale
    Thanks again for your responses. I am leaning towards the Collins version enlarged as Bill suggested. I found the plan for the Whitehead version in the loft, I think I will make one whilst I am waiting to get my plan enlarged.

  • Re: Canadian Avro Avian on skis - help needed
    There is one in a museum with a couple of pics and a fair 3-view here:

  • Re: Nieuport 11 Bebe - Build
    Well good, and very nice of you to say so. This thread is not over yet. More developments will occur just as soon as I find the time to get back into it.

    The things I am looking forward most are:

    building the aluminium windshield frame, possibly in al...

  • P-30 Spitfire
    The canopy has arrived! Thanks, Mark. You’re a peach.

    Look for this to show up in my build thread soon.


    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[img width=640 height=479][/...

  • Canadian Avro Avian on skis - help needed
    There are so many Canadian members on the forum, I hope somebody might be able to help... Others are welocme too.

    It is not that I do not have an active project running or many others in various stages of research/construction, that I  need something n...