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  • Re: JV44 Free Flight School - Uruguay
    Is that the Gee Bee that I see hanging on the wall?  Have you test glided it yet? That was a very nice kit but I knew that I could not do it justice if I built it.  Santiago looks like he is doing a very nice job on the glider.  He does very nice builds!

  • Re: Pacific Ace 30" (for SAM 1066 Small Vintage Rubber)
    Hi Jon - some jottings.  I haven't looked at the full plan so some of my comments may be covered.

    Looks like no decalage adjustment.  The zero/zero mounting isn't a good idea.  Consider glueing the fin to the tailplane to achieve adjustment.  You will ...

  • Re: Mending damaged tissue - gluing torn flappy bits back together?
    What Crabby said!  Amazing. Smiley

  • Re: Producing cross sections
    Don't usually lurk on "indoor" threads but occasionally you guys kick around something I can get excited about. So right up front, thanks! I will be checking out several links, listed here.

    Full size aircraft fuselages are generally simple...

  • Re: Morane-Borel build
    Very nice ... think she needs a bit of an airbrushing to give that laminated full-size prop look.