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  • Re: Dave Rees 32" Shorts 330 plan
    I have that plan, enlarged with a photocopier from the magazine. I have the magazine article somewhere too, maybe even the whole mag? Anything I can help you with?

  • Re: Thing III Build
    Thanks very much for your input John.  We've been working seven days a week at the plant in the Texas heat.  All my projects are going slow.
    I missed a few pictures of my canopy mold.   To get the width I wanted, I had to glue two, two by fours togethe...

  • Re: Peanut Build Aborted
    Sorry to hear your aircraft frame got crushed. Had that happen to me a while back, disheartening. First thought that came to me was Charlie Brown in Peanuts stating, "Oh rats!" Except for a few (like Peck's Mitsubishi Zero, lots of fuselage stri...

  • Re: Radian XL (2.6 meter foam gliders)
    A well known Horizon Hobby and RCGroups guy gave the radian XL a glowing review there. I knew something was wrong when I saw the weight of the beast, then the negative reports started coming in of poor climb ability, poor turning ability, wings being s...

  • Re: Heron (Multiplex) assembly
    I just purchased a Multiplex Heron RR and joined this forum thanks to the excellent read posted by Konrad...  My Heron is backordered at tower hobbies but they assure me more are on the way. I hope to be able to get some time with it before it gets too...